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Fair Trade

by Amy Halloran August 17, 2011


Tequila infused with strawberries and raspberries. Spicy dill pickles. Jalapeño jelly. Peach-raspberry crisp. Granola. Pesto. Smores. Whoopie pies and a dozen eggs. What’s this, a shopping list? Nope. These are the things people brought to ...

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Nature’s Candy

by Amy Halloran June 1, 2011


Summer to me is trapping the sunlike shape and flavor of peaches in jars. In the years I’ve missed the ritual of buying a case of peaches and turning them into jam, the season felt ...

Blue-Ribbon Bounty

by Amy Halloran September 8, 2010

On a Wednesday morning before the Schaghticoke Fair officially begins at noon, three boys on bikes ride on paved paths, looking like an ad for childhood. The place is a quiet buzz of final preparations. ...