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Fantastic Journey

by Ann Morrow November 29, 2012


  Life of Pi launches with a terrifically exciting shipwreck that includes zoo animals, some of them large and carnivorous, with the human passengers desperately trying to survive the sinking of their ship in the middle ...

Time For a Recall, Pixar

by Laura Leon June 29, 2011

The summer blockbuster seasons roars into theaters with Cars 2, the rip-snorting sequel to the popular Pixar film that made “Lightning McQueen” and “Mater” household names. Well, that is, if your household is overrun with ...

Candy Colored Clowns

by Ann Morrow June 22, 2011


When an astonished Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) tells a co-worker about his extraordinary encounter with a dying extraterrestrial who presented him with a green ring, the co-worker asks, “Was he proposing?” And so Jordan’s transformation from ...