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Channing Tatum

Warped Dreams

by Laura Leon December 24, 2014


  Bring a warm scarf to Foxcatcher regardless of which theater you see it in, because it’s impossible not to develop a deep chill watching this strange, intense elegy about the darkness of the soul and ...

Let’s Do It Again

by Laura Leon June 19, 2014


  “Nobody cared about the Jump Street reboot,” intones Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) to officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), but because it somehow worked, Dickson goes on to explain that the department has ...

If First You Don’t Succeed, Blow It Up Again

by Shawn Stone July 3, 2013


  When I was younger, the films of Roland Emmerich bothered me. In fact, they bothered me much more than they should have. At first, this was because of the peculiar (and consistent) manner they fell ...

Super Soldiers

by Laura Leon April 10, 2013


  Those of you who saw GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, take heart. Don’t be afraid. That sorry excuse of a movie based on a beloved Hasbro toy is in no way, shape or form ...


by Ann Morrow February 13, 2013


  Malingering comes into play in Steven Soderbergh’s latest—and reportedly last—major motion picture. Medical jargon for faking illness or disability for financial or other gain, it is perhaps appropriate, since Soderbergh has not been a major ...

The Naked Truth

by Laura Leon July 11, 2012

My coworker and I were talking about a recent New York Times article describing the gay community’s enjoyment of Magic Mike, the new movie about a male strip club in Florida; he joked that maybe ...

Pecking Order

by Ann Morrow March 22, 2012


Is it too early for 2005 nostalgia? You know, those mid-years before the super-sensitizing of alternate sexuality, green economy, and inclusiveness over exclusiveness?  Apparently not, because 21 Jump Street, a spoof on the late-’80s Fox ...

Time to Remember

by Laura Leon February 16, 2012

The Vow

Maybe The Vow is the kind of chick flick that makes you embarrassed to be seen waiting in line for, but at the same time, it deserves props for respecting the genre and delivering its ...

Legion of Dumb

by Ann Morrow February 16, 2011

Eagle of the Ninth

The Eagle starts as a rip-roaring adventure story about the fabled Ninth Legion, a band of battle-tested Roman centurions who disappeared after being sent into the highlands of Caledonia (Scotland), a barbarian-infested territory so ferocious ...