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Great Rides! Film Festival

by The Staff July 23, 2015


  Every summer, PS 21 in Chatham hosts a wide-ranging film series, screening everything from gritty indie documentaries to glossy Hollywood musicals. That’s true this summer, too, but this week they’re having a festival within a ...


Give It Up for the Earth

by Linda Paul May 9, 2015

  “As I'm sure you all know, this is the most important fight of our lives," said folk singer Bethany Yarrow, part of the entertainment for Josh Fox and Zephyr Teachout's Solutions Grassroots Tour: A Solar ...

The Well-Tempered Festival

by Shawn Stone October 17, 2013


  The folks programming FilmColumbia don’t mess around. Now in its 14th year, the big film festival in little Chatham kicks off at the Crandell Theatre on Wednesday (Oct. 23) with a screening of Claude Lanzmann’s ...

Crandell Theatre

The Biggest Little Film Festival

by Shawn Stone October 17, 2012


  Born out of the fact that a number of very successful film-biz types have settled in Columbia County, Film Columbia offers intrepid cinephiles a five-day feast of film. And most of it is actual film, ...

Crandell Theatre

Community Woman

by Erin Pihlaja October 17, 2012


  “Who would have thought there'd be four places to get cappuccino here,” says Judy Grunberg. On this rainy October afternoon, Grunberg sits in one of the village of Chatham’s coffee shops looking out of the window. ...

You Can Breathe—and Do Business—in a Small Town

by The Staff March 29, 2012


Ballston Spa By Erin Pihlaja It isn’t crazy to ask what’s in the water in the village of Ballston Spa. The area was once famous for its mineral springs. It’s not obvious at first, but there ...

Farming the American Dream

by B.A. Nilsson February 1, 2012


The documentary The First Season follows Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh and their children through a year’s worth of changes as they pursue a crazy midlife dream of operating a dairy farm. They’re slaves to ...