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children’s books

Gift Guide: Classic Children’s Books

by Erin Pihlaja December 6, 2012

  I was an avid reader as a child (my mother once questioned the pace of my consumption during an elementary school book-a-thon), and my tastes and range were quite varied. Now that I have two ...

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Rabbits Before Wizards

by Darryl McGrath October 25, 2012


  Once upon a time, a British bureaucrat who had never published anything and who had no aspirations of being a novelist finally ceded to the pleadings of his little girls that he write down the ...

A Path To Understanding

by Sarah Iannone October 25, 2012


  For the first eight or nine years of their lives, Jessica and Jocelyn Davis were, figuratively speaking, joined at the hip. They saw each other as they were, twin sisters with an inseparable bond. “As ...

A Tree Is a Tree

by Jo Page May 2, 2012


The last time my older daughter visited, she and her younger sister had a conversation about Shel Silverstein’s renowned book, The Giving Tree. Whether you’re five, 45 or much older, you probably know The Giving Tree. But ...

Indians in the House

by Miriam Axel-Lute January 18, 2012

  My older daughter has recently passed a major milestone: ability to handle any sort of plot tension. Not like we’re going in for scary movies or anything, but this does vastly increase the range of ...