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Shen Yun

by The Staff May 8, 2013


  Shen Yun is what could safely be described as a “really big show.” There are platoons of dancers, video projection, and a live orchestra, all dedicated to bringing to life 5,000 years of Chinese cultural traditions. ...


Days of Future Past

by Ann Morrow October 3, 2012


  “Time travel doesn’t exist, but 30 years in the future, it will,” says Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a hit man from the future, where such enforcers are called “loopers.” Joe is explaining his appearance on a ...

Unearthed: Recent Archeological Discoveries from Northern China

by The Staff June 14, 2012


Just because the construction workers are still busy on the campus of the Clark Art Institute doesn’t mean the curators aren’t equally busy readying new exhibits for you to experience. Three China-related exhibits open this ...

Clark Art Institute


by Shawn Stone May 2, 2012


When is the fighting going to start? That’s the question that pops into one’s head when settling in to watch a Jason Statham movie. Statham is the preeminent action star of our day, with a cinematic ...

Golden Dragon Acrobats

by The Staff November 22, 2011


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You show us seven people riding on one bicycle and appearing graceful, not ridiculous, while doing it, and we’ll doff our reporter’s hats to them. The talented ...