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Civil War

War of Words

by James Yeara May 28, 2015

Barrington Stage Company 2015
By Richard Strand
Directed by Joseph Discher
Photos © Kevin Sprague
David Schramm stars as Major General Butler and Maurice Jones makes his BSC debut as the slave, Shepard Mallory. Also in the cast are Ben Cole and John Hickok.

  “Astonishing,” or some variation or the word, is said frequently by the four characters in Butler, a historical comedy set at the beginning of the American Civil War. It’s also an apt word for how ...

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Snoozing Through Georgia

by Ann Morrow July 3, 2013


  During the Civil War era, “copperhead” was slang for Northerners who sympathized with the Confederate cause. There were even copperheads in New York state, though not all of them were against emancipation. But some were, ...

An Irrepressible Conflict: The Empire State in the Civil War

by The Staff September 21, 2012


This weekend—and, yes, you can drop by on Sunday again—the New York State Museum will open an ambitious exhibit dedicated to examining the place of the Empire State in the greatest conflict ever fought on ...

New York State Museum

History Lecture

by John Rodat April 20, 2011

Never before has a Wikipedia page had such star power. Unlike many movies based on real events, Robert Redford’s new courtroom drama, The Conspirator, can pretty convincingly claim historical accuracy. This account of the trial of ...