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Mike Birbiglia

by John Rodat March 27, 2014


  I associate Mike Birbiglia with a number of other popular stand ups I know best from the Internet but of whom I first became aware in the alt-comedy boom of the ’90s: comedians like Louis ...

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Rodney Carrington

by The Staff February 20, 2014


    “Rude, crude and in the mood.” That’s how an Iowa newspaper admiringly headlined a short review of a recent show by comedian and country crooner Rodney Carrington. Carrington, who has starred in his own ABC sitcom, ...

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by The Staff January 16, 2014


  The great storytelling comedian Sinbad comes to the Troy Music Hall tonight to deliver his “hit ’em in the face,” observational stand-up. Since his emergence in the 1990s—remember A Different World?—Sinbad has consistently stayed in the ...

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Bill Maher

by The Staff November 6, 2013


  The longtime host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher will bring his razor-sharp political wit to the Palace on Sunday; given the recent series of events in Washington, D.C., we’re confident that Maher won’t ...

Palace Theatre

The Ladies of Laughter

by The Staff October 10, 2013


  The Ladies of Laughter is one of those clever package shows that will offer a variety of successful comics working hard to make you laugh. The first Lady of Laughter is Comedy Central regular Chris Rich, ...


Russell Peters

by The Staff September 26, 2013


  Russell Peters is a very funny man. It’s not just because he’s Canadian, but it probably helps. A critic for the Telegraph (UK) dubbed him the “globe-trotting future of stand-up.” The same critic described Peters’ act ...

Palace Theatre

Keith Anthony

by The Staff August 7, 2013


  Keith Anthony is a very funny—and very experienced—stand-up comedian, and he’s coming to the Comedy Works this weekend. He started with the Groundlings in Los Angeles, and has been around long enough to have shared ...

Comedy Works Albany

Kevin James

by The Staff May 30, 2013


  Comedian Kevin James, who easily made the transition from stand-up to TV with the long-running hit King of Queens, spends most of his time these days making movies. Whether he’s voicing the Frankenstein monster in ...

Palace Theatre

Aziz Ansari

by The Staff May 8, 2013


  If you’re confused why hip, young-ish comic and Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari is calling this comedy tour Buried Alice, he explained it to Esquire. “It came from an idea to make the poster look ...

Palace Theatre

Demetri Martin

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  Demetri Martin is back on stage doing stand-up comedy. The Comedy Central alumnus and sometime movie actor for the likes of Steven Soderbergh and Ang Lee is bringing his popular ha-ha act to the Egg. And, ...


Mike Epps

by The Staff February 28, 2013


  From his Def Comedy Jam days through his Showtime special to a gig hosting the BET Hip Hop Awards, Mike Epps has always known how to make people laugh. Epps is also widely recognized for ...

Palace Theatre

Marc Maron

by The Staff January 31, 2013


  Ex-Air America radio host, prolific podcaster, neurotic comic and feral cat wrangler: Marc Maron is a man of many interests, talents and achievements. And he’s bringing his stand-up act to the Egg tomorrow (Friday) evening. This ...

The Egg

Bill Cosby

by The Staff November 8, 2012


  There’s a great scene in the documentary about Jerry Seinfeld’s post-sitcom life, Comedian, which shows the comic in a daze while driving back from a visit with Bill Cosby. Caught in his own mid-career crisis, ...

Palace Theatre

Paula Poundstone

by The Staff August 2, 2012


“Armed with nothing but a stool, a microphone and a can of Diet Pepsi, Paula’s ability to create humor on the spot has become the stuff of legend.” So say the folks at the Egg, who ...

The Egg

Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Showcase

by The Staff April 18, 2012

  Greg Aidala’s next comedy clambake will be held in Latham this weekend, and he’s offering a smorgasbord of national and local talent. Toplining the show will be Moody McCarthy (left), whose resume includes Last Comic Standing ...

Holiday Inn Express

Bill Burr

by The Staff March 29, 2012

Bill Burr portraits

“Bill is against organized religion and believes we should go back to the gold standard. None of his opinions are based on reliable information. He tends to go with his first thought, because reading makes ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Jim Gaffigan

by The Staff January 5, 2012


He looks perfectly normal. Well, almost perfectly normal. In most photos, comedian Jim Gaffigan has a look in his eyes that’s a cross between skeptical and highly amused. He’s like the quiet guy at the ...


First Night of Funny

by The Staff December 30, 2011


After another year of gloomy news, sending off 2011 and welcoming 2012 with a good laugh isn’t such a bad idea, is it? This was clearly the thought behind Proctors’ First Night of Funny, a New ...

4th Annual New Year’s Eve Comedy Blast

by The Staff December 30, 2011


“Save up!” Is that a directive from the Federal Reserve, or a play on the well-worn catchphrase? Whatever it is, it’s also the title of a new comedy CD by Killer BeaZ, a Showtime and ...

Palace Theatre

Jeff Dunham

by The Staff December 7, 2011


On the off chance that you, too, got sucked into watching the documentary about international star ventriloquist-comic Jeff Dunham, I’m No Dummy (get it? get it?) at two in the morning last week, you probably ...

Glens Falls Civic Center

Pumps and Punchlines

by The Staff November 16, 2011


Five of the country’s top female comedians have come together for a girls’ night comedy tour, making mock and spinning laughs out of romantic foibles, family, friends, sex, gossip, and of course, men. The comedienne lineup ...


A Flock of Dodos

by John Rodat October 19, 2011

Director David Frankel has been attached to big money makers. Keep that in mind. He directed the pilot episode of Entourage, as well as both The Devil Wears Prada and the record-breaking Marley & Me, ...

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The Nobodies of Comedy

by The Staff May 11, 2011


“You’ve never heard of them, but hey, they’ve never heard of you either!” This annual collection of rising stars and regulars from the comedy-club scene presents the funniest up-and-coming comics you’ve never heard of—the “nobodies”—and  wrangles ...