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coming of age

Girl on a Bicycle

by Shawn Stone October 31, 2013


  Wadjda has the burden of being “first,” as in, it’s the first movie ever filmed in Saudi Arabia. This is a place with no film industry and no movie theaters. The filmmakers and cast, from ...

In Neutral, With Feeling

by Laura Leon September 5, 2013


  The previews would have you think that The Spectacular Now is a comedy following in the steps of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, featuring the class cut-up who is friend to everybody but, famously, predictably unreliable ...

Just Another Goddamn Phony

by Laura Leon June 22, 2011

Cinematically, my high school career looked a lot more like Elizabeth McGovern in Ordinary People (minus the boyfriend, disturbed or otherwise) than something more infectiously fun like Fast Times at Ridgemont High or brazenly anarchist, ...

Master Chef

by B.A. Nilsson June 8, 2011


This theater review could as easily be filed under food. The one-man show opens at dinnertime, as young Frank’s mother, Maria, prepares the evening meal, its possibilities an incantation: “Manicotti, cannelloni, fettuccine, linguini, macaroni, rigatoni, ...

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