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Good Law, Bad Treaty

by Paul Rapp October 15, 2015


  Buried under all the hoo-hah about the debates and Lamar Odom, a significant ruling regarding basic freedom came out of a federal appeals court Tuesday in Philadelphia. The decision in the case Hassan v. City ...


The Copyright Sky Is Not Falling

by Paul Rapp July 23, 2015

  It’s starting again. I’m getting messages from frantic clients whose professional trade organizations are telling them that Congress is about to take their copyrights away. “How can they DO THIS?” “How can we stop them?” We’ve ...

Well, This Changes Everything–I Think

by Paul Rapp February 20, 2015


  In my last column we talked about the Flo & Eddie lawsuit seeking performance-right payments for pre-1972 recordings. The lawsuit is going very well for them, and as I explained, it highlights what a putrid ...

I Can’t See Me Suing Nobody But You

by Paul Rapp February 5, 2015


  Maybe you’ve heard about how the Turtles’ Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (aka Flo and Eddie) just won a big lawsuit against Sirius radio that will entitle them to all kinds of money related to ...


by Paul Rapp October 16, 2014


  Six years or so ago, the talented-but-phony street artist Shepard Fairey came up with the Obama Hope poster. It was everywhere, there were even websites where you could “hope-i-fy” your own image, and most of ...

It’s Getting Better

by Paul Rapp August 7, 2013


  Since early 2005, I’ve been popping up here more or less every other week and complaining about something or other having to do with the law, information, and technology. There’s never a lack of things ...