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An Odd Couple

by Rick Marshall September 7, 2012


  Filmmaker Jake Schreier’s Robot & Frank is set in the “near future,” but with the exception of a few fancy cars, some spiffy video-chatting technology, and the aforementioned robot, it’s a science-fiction story that does ...


Blunt Force Trauma

by Ann Morrow July 11, 2012


If you haven’t read the best-selling novel by Don Winslow, then the first tip-off that Savages is going deep into the ultraviolent underworld of drug dealing is the sound of a chainsaw being revved—and then ...


by Shawn Stone May 2, 2012


When is the fighting going to start? That’s the question that pops into one’s head when settling in to watch a Jason Statham movie. Statham is the preeminent action star of our day, with a cinematic ...

Nowhere Man

by Shawn Stone September 21, 2011


  Goddamn, Drive is one slick piece of filmmaking. And director Nicolas Winding Refn makes sure that you appreciate this in every scene, whether he’s showcasing a bravura freeway chase or a low-key elevator meet cute. ...

Plagued By the Bell

by Laurie Lynn Fischer February 23, 2011

Around 3 PM last Thursday, about 10 kids hung out in front of Dino’s Pizzeria on the corner of Lark and Madison in Albany. Some of them shouted obscenities at each other, others were slapping ...