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Daniel Craig

James Bond Film Festival

by The Staff August 29, 2014


  Albany’s Madison Theater is presenting a James Bond sampler this week, with one film each per four of the six actors in the “official” Bond series. (Sorry, Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby.) Sean Connery is represented ...

Madison Theater

Licensed To Thrill

by Ann Morrow November 15, 2012


  Grim. Sensationally grim. In Skyfall, part three of the Daniel Craig-James Bond reboot, 007 is hit by friendly fire and given up for dead. In the opening sequence. And that’s not even the heavy part. ...

Lost in Translation from the Swedish

by Ann Morrow December 21, 2011


The Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had the great good fortune of a lead actress who was unanimously considered to be the perfect counterpart to the ferocious anti-heroine of Stieg Larsson’s ...


by Ann Morrow October 6, 2011


Two little girls stand at the end of a hallway, backs to the camera, staring at whatever might be behind the stained and peeling wallpaper. It’s a gratuitous image, perhaps made as a red herring ...

Saddle Sore

by Ann Morrow August 3, 2011

cowboys aliens thumb

From the authentically broken-in look of it, Cowboys & Aliens may have started out as Predator meets True Grit. Once upon a time in the West, somewhere near a played-out mining town, a lone gunslinger ...