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David Greenberger

3 By David Greenberger

by Shawn Stone February 13, 2014


  David Greenberger is the visual, musical and spoken-word artist most widely known for the Duplex Planet, a publication featuring thought-provoking, funny, poignant and confounding conversations with elderly nursing home residents. He has also done everything ...

Spring Street Gallery

David Greenberger and A Strong Dog

by The Staff May 30, 2013


  David Greenberger is a Metroland music scribe, NPR contributor, artist, conversationalist and lover of a good haircut. It’s his spoken-word monologues, however, that have become his most prolific contribution to humanity. Greenberger has been adapting ...

Caffe Lena

Return to the Visual

by Shawn Stone November 10, 2011


David Greenberger is best known for, and made his artistic mark with The Duplex Planet. More than a periodical, this legacy of 25 years of “books, recordings and performances of monologues with music” made us ...

Lake George Arts Project

Ben + Vesper

by David Greenberger January 19, 2011


This second full-length release (there have also been some EPs) by Ben + Vesper is my entry point. I’ve heard nothing prior, but now most likely will, once I’m over being intrigued by the catchy ...

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