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The Hideous, the Bad and the Ugly

by John Rodat June 5, 2014


  The plot summation for Seth MacFarlane’s comedy Western, A Million Ways to Die in the West, goes something like this: A cowardly rancher is forced into a showdown with murderous outlaw after he falls for ...

The Last Stop

by Hawes Spencer October 24, 2013


“You would think that knowing your child is dead is the worst time. But it was the 101 days of not knowing that were the worst. Once you know your child is dead, you can ...


Dangerous Pursuits

by Ann Morrow October 24, 2013


  One in every four people who attempt the summit of Savage Mountain will be killed. That chilling fact informs the prologue to The Summit, a gripping examination of the deadliest day ever to occur on ...

For Better or For Worse

by Shawn Stone February 13, 2013


  This wrenching drama about an elderly couple facing illness, physical/mental decline, and, eventually, death, is bracing, heartwarming, alienating and thoroughly unsettling. It’s up for multiple Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film, which ...

Hope Abounds

by Jo Page November 14, 2012


  Two years ago my daughters and I lost a woman we loved as a mother and grandmother, though she was neither to us. Not closer than kin, but closer than a friend, her loss was ...

Ajax in Iraq

by The Staff April 11, 2012


In Sophocles’ tragedy Ajax, a proud, vengeful soldier is double-crossed by rivals, tricked by the gods and shamed before his colleagues and family. It is a drama about the values the ancient Greeks held about ...

Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater

The Year in Review

by The Staff January 5, 2012


  Gone but not forgotten Osama bin Laden, Col. Muammar el-Quaddafi, Kim Jong-il, Steve Jobs, Vaclav Havel, Elizabeth Taylor, David S. Broder, Andy Rooney, Betty Ford, John Barry, Sidney Lumet, Joe Frazier, Gil Scott-Heron, Christopher Hitchens, Bil ...

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Beat The Reaper

by Ann Morrow September 15, 2011


  The element of suspense in Contagion, Steven Soderbergh’s best movie since Traffic, is unseen yet kills thousands of people in a terrifyingly short amount of time. It’s a “novelty virus” with similarities to previous pandemics, ...

Into Eternity

by The Staff June 15, 2011


One-hundred-thousand years ago, the first Homo sapiens were migrating out of (what we now call) Africa, into Eurasian lands they still shared with Neanderthals. At least we think so. Even experts in human evolutionary biology ...

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