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Discover the Dinosaurs

by The Staff August 14, 2015


  Your kids really, really want to go to this. Hell, don’t kid yourself: You want to go to this as much as your kids do. What is “this?” It’s Discover the Dinosaurs, an exhibit, show, ...

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Meaner, Faster, Smarter

by Shawn Stone June 17, 2015


  Nothing brings out my inner misanthrope quite like the Spielbergian approach to children and families. The children in his films are uniformly unbearable. (OK, maybe not Drew Barrymore in E.T.) That’s why the crushing disappointment ...


by The Staff June 28, 2013


  We admit that there are fantastic creatures other than dinosaurs that children are enamored of—unicorns, winged ponies, Smurfs—but besides being an endless object of wonder, dinosaurs have the additional educational value of having actually existed. ...