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Other People’s Money

by The Staff October 10, 2013


  If you want a ruefully, deliciously entertaining primer on how we—the good citizens of the United States—came to suffer under the current economic regime, you should see the new Ghent Playhouse production of Jerry Sterner’s ...

Ghent Playhouse


by The Staff October 17, 2012


  Beginning Friday, Curtain Call Theatre will present the regional premiere of Opus, Michael Hollinger’s drama about a string quartet learning a Beethoven piece to perform at the White House. Of course, the drama isn’t just ...

Curtain Call Theatre

Love Greed Sex War

by James Yeara August 23, 2012


Simon (Timothy Deenihan), the handsome, sophisticated heart surgeon, stands upstage left. Anna (Celia Schaefer), the winsome nuclear-arms regulator, stands upstage right. Jennifer (Danielle Skraastad), a vivacious bonds trader, stands midstage. Each character is on a ...