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by Ali Hibbs May 28, 2014


  He’s the face—and haircut—of American EDM. Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) started his musical career as singer of the post-hardcore band From First to Last, abruptly leaving the rock world for his meteoric solo rise within ...

Washington Avenue Armory


by The Staff October 17, 2013


  Remember dubstep? OK, so it hasn’t altogther gone away, but the genre of electronic dance music that rose to such commercial prevalence in 2011 has more or less disappeared (along with relatives moombahton, trap and electro) ...

The Upstate Concert Hall

Lindsey Stirling

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  OK, the music industry just officially jumped the shark. Beauty-pageant queen, vlogger, YouTube phenom and America’s Got Talent contestent Lindsey Stirling just scored a No. 1 record on both the Billboard classical and dance/electronic charts. ...

Upstate Concert Hall

Four Tet, Jon Hopkins

by Ali Hibbs September 22, 2011


The exhortation that “drum machines have no soul” normally comes off the lips of weathered traditionalists and rock purists (oxymoron?) with a shake of the head and wave of the hand when confronted with a ...