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Ruby Anniversary & Fall Dance Preview

by Shawn Stone September 13, 2012


“We’re at the 40th anniversary. It doesn’t seem possible.” It’s been 40 years since Maude Baum was one of a group of enthusiastic young artists who helped create eba, and then went on to found the ...

eba Theater

Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre

by The Staff May 16, 2012


Time flies when you’re making wonderful art. This weekend, join Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre at eba to celebrate their 40th anniversary with the Ruby Spring Salon Concerts. (FYI: The “ruby” is the appropriate ...

eba Theater

Sing, Dance, Laugh

by The Staff August 17, 2011

thumb_33laugh feat pic

After “years of being on a rollercoaster of being depressed and miserable,” Marty Willey made a change that worked. “I just felt so good, I wondered where that other person went.” Willey had started singing. “I ...