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Emma Thompson

A Spoonful of Sugar

by Laura Leon January 2, 2014


  Most people of a certain age recall their first time seeing Mary Poppins, the Disney confection about a brisk and no-nonsense nanny who tightens up the Banks family ship before departing on a favorable wind ...


by Shawn Stone February 20, 2013


  The Twilight Saga is over. Until the inevitable reboot comes along, what will fill the void left in teenage hearts? Moviegoers could do worse than Beautiful Creatures, a Southern Gothic teen romance (with magic) that’s ...

Enchanted Kingdom

by Ann Morrow June 27, 2012


  In Brave, feisty redheaded princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) follows a string of light fairies—or are they fire goblins?—called wisps. The will o’ the wisps is a mystery, but Merida’s bravery is not: She ...