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Brand New

by The Staff September 12, 2013

  Post-hardcore (née emo) bands have always been a fairly reliable proposition in these parts; still, the enthusiasm surrounding the arrival of Long Island’s Brand New to Upstate Concert Hall this week is pretty astounding. This ...

The Upstate Concert Hall

Jimmy Eat World

by The Staff July 3, 2013


  One thing is certain, these boys are busy. The Mesa, Az., power-pop (emo?) band crawled out of the desert, released their first album since 2010, and are in the middle of a whirlwind tour that ...

The Upstate Concert Hall

The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day

by KC Orcutt June 15, 2011

With more than 15 years spent on stage and on the road, Saves the Day and the Get Up Kids are pivotal emo-era bands who helped form (and then later tried to dissociate from) the ...