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Mt. Rush

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  It was bad enough when the insanity of American political advertising just owned the airwaves. The advent of e-mail—and the constant selling and reselling of your e-mail address, thanks to those harmless little service agreements ...


Stark Emotions

by Jeff Nania October 15, 2015


  British artist Mark Fell presented his most recent interdisciplinary project in EMPAC’s theater this past Thursday night (Oct. 8). Working in tandem with choreographer-dancer Brittany Bailey, this piece was able to transform a nearly silent, ...

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Mark Fell

by The Staff October 8, 2015


  Mark Fell returns to EMPAC with a “new work for light, sound, and human movement.” For the purposes of “old media” classification, we’re calling it “dance” as the work, titled Recursive Frame Analysis, was, in ...

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See Hear

by Jeff Nania September 10, 2015


  Sept. 2nd was the launch of EMPAC’s new On Screen/Sound series, which explores pioneering uses of images and soundtracks on film. The evening began with a series of four short films: Mosaic, Synchromy, Video Tape ...

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On Screen/Sound No. 2

by The Staff September 3, 2015


  This fall’s Onscreen/Sound series at EMPAC are a series of programs showcasing films “from the past five decades that use human movement to embody the connection between image and sound.” Upcoming evenings will feature work ...

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On Animation and Workflow

by The Staff February 26, 2015


  This screening Saturday night at EMPAC is part of a colloquium that brought together “small groups of artists, curators, visual effects specialists, engineers, and theorists to informally discuss ideas centered around the conditions of the ...


Cally Spooner

by The Staff February 12, 2015


  Last year Cally Spooner told an interviewer, “I’m interested in the idea of the spectacle.” Spooner, the London-based artist finishing up a performance residency at EMPAC this week, invites you to be a part of her ...


R.U. Ready?

by Jeff Nania March 6, 2013


  When the exhibition-performance was ready to begin, the humans in attendance were herded into a line as recordings played over the house loudspeaker from “the machine.” Instructions like “you can help by not helping” were ...


Untitled Apocalypse

by The Staff February 21, 2013


  Allison Berkoy’s mysterious extravaganza Untitled Apocalypse, which will be presented at EMPAC this weekend, was heralded by one of the more intriguing press releases we’ve seen in ages. The show is promised to be “an immersive, ...


In Residence

by Erin Pihlaja February 20, 2013


  Laurie Anderson is on stage wrestling with plugs, computers, and other electronic bits. Her hope is to get the machines talking, and as she crouches low to the ground near the snake’s nest of coiled, ...



by The Staff November 1, 2012


  People are still talking about the last time Kurt Hentschlager visited EMPAC. It was six years ago, before the shining arts center on the hill was finished; audio-visual wizard Hentschlager filled the RPI Playhouse with ...


Best of Arts

by The Staff July 19, 2012


  Best Arts Complex Proctors 432 State St., Schenectady Quality programming across genres in multiple venues, simultaneously: Proctors set a high standard for themselves, and meet it. Broadway shows, independent and classic cinema, internationally renowned pop, classical, soul, rock ...


Art Beat

by Shawn Stone April 18, 2012


RETURN ENGAGEMENT Choreographers Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey first performed TOOL IS LOOT in EMPAC’s Studio 2 as a work-in-progress in June 2011. This weekend, with Jonathan Bepler, they return to perform the finished work ...

Lucky Dragons

by The Staff February 23, 2012

Google the term “actual reality” and you’ll find a Hollywood production company, a web design firm, a profile on the MIT admissions site, the Wikipedia entry for “reality,” a messageboard for fans of the musical ...

Hello Hi There

by The Staff February 16, 2012


“What happens when you place two chatbot programs in conversation?” This is the question posed by Obie Award-winning writer-director Annie Dorsen about the set-up of Hello Hi There, the performance piece she will present at EMPAC ...


Harnessing Vertical Dance

by Elyse Beaudoin February 9, 2012

  On Saturday (Feb. 4), a diverse audience laid down on a stage in the Theater at RPI’s EMPAC. Each face in the crowd looked up at choreographer Yves Fauchon, who was perched on a large ...

A Week in the Dark

by Shawn Stone December 14, 2011

thumb_MOVIES 06 lz

It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people are hanging out with friends after work, or they’re making their way home. Maybe they’re already home, preparing dinner or getting ready to go out for the ...

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Catch the Tiger!

by The Staff April 13, 2011


EMPAC brings us the best and brightest work from the cutting edge of creativity, and intermedia composer and pianist Jaroslaw Kapuscinski certainly fits the bill. If the fact he’s an “intermedia composer” with a spectacular name ...


Nicole Beutler

by The Staff March 30, 2011

thumb_13ndpicNICOLEBEUTLER_Anja Beutler

  EMPAC will offer a performance piece double-header tonight (Thursday) and Friday with two works by German-born, Amsterdam-based choreographer-author Nicole Beutler. It’s dance and theater combined, with dinner in between: Beutler supplies the performances and EMPAC ...


by The Staff March 9, 2011


Signal/Music of Steve Reich It will be a special evening Saturday when the New York City-based Signal ensemble perform two well-known and admired works by minimalist composer Steve Reich (pictured). Signal, recognized for their performances at Bang ...

Work in Process

by Ali Hibbs March 24, 2010

On my first visit to meet the OpenEnded Group, I leave nearly as confused about what the team of digital artists actually does as when I first arrived. Outside, it’s a sunny fall day, ...