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Eva Mendes

The To-Do List

by The Staff September 5, 2013


You don’t need us to tell you that there’s more to college than textbooks, tests and cafeteria food that inexplicably makes you have to poop. (What’s the deal with that, anyway?) Lucky for you, you ...

Reel Life

by Jo Page May 15, 2013


  As somebody who lives in Schenectady, though still new to Schenectady (and then again, not new at all), I’d heard a lot about The Place Beyond the Pines. My neighbor was in it; her house ...

Sins of the Fathers

by Laura Leon April 18, 2013


  There are compelling reasons to see The Place Beyond the Pines, and not just the fact that it was filmed in and around Schenectady. Chiefly, these are Ryan Gosling’s performance as a carnival stunt rider ...