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Siri Doesn’t Speak Greek

by B.A. Nilsson October 17, 2012


  Michael Frayn knows the elements of a mistaken-identity farce. He summoned one of the most rip-roaring festivals of confusion to the stage in his play Noises Off; his novel Headlong wove a farce around the ...

Lend Me a Tenor

by The Staff February 22, 2012


Beginning Friday night, Curtain Call Theatre is presenting Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me a Tenor, a 1986 comedy set in 1930s Cleveland. More specifically, it’s described as a “screwball comedy,” a term that suggests something sophisticated, sublime ...

Curtain Call Theatre

Three Stooges Film Festival

by The Staff January 19, 2012


For Capital Region moviegoers, two Palace Theatre traditions are sacrosanct. One is the holiday screening of It’s a Wonderful Life, which was again a big success last month. The other is the annual festival of ...

Palace Theatre

Beauty Versus the Biz

by James Yeara August 11, 2011

For its innaugural production, Berkshire Actors Theatre presents a stiletto interpretation of John Patrick Shanley’s 1993 smackdown of moviemaking, Four Dogs and a Bone. An Academy Award winner for Moonstruck and a Pulitzer Prize winner ...

New Stage Performing Center


by The Staff June 29, 2011

The English version of this mile-high farce of romantic entanglements first opened in London’s West End  and quickly made the jump over the pond in 1965, where it hit the big screen and Broadway in ...

Theater Barn