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The Metroland Fashion Guide

by The Staff November 27, 2013

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Annick Designs 269 River St., Troy, 273-7860, annickdesigns.com. Unique mineral specimens, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, vintage Swarovski crystals, and ornate wire work made with sterling silver and gold filled metal. Amore Clothing 123 State St., Albany, 434-4054, amoreclothing.com. Men’s ...

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Dressed to Kill

by Ann Morrow August 22, 2013


  At the History of Fashion Show, characters and archetypes from 400 years of society promenaded in front of the audience to era-specific music in narrated time travel. The benefit event was held Saturday (Aug. 17) ...

Palace Theatre

Being Matt Baumgartner

by Erin Pihlaja September 27, 2012


  When local restaurateur Matt Baumgartner announced that he was launching a clothing line, there seemed to be two distinct reactions among people who knew him. The first was unquestioning acceptance, as in: “Sure. Why not?” ...


Scotia Chic

by Erin Pihlaja June 27, 2012

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Sitting in her parents’ backyard in the quiet village of Scotia, Laura LaFrate looks like an average girl. She is a very pretty young woman who on any given day wears little-to-no make-up and piles ...

Dressed To Impress

by The Staff September 15, 2011


The Discard Avant Garb event last Saturday night (Sept. 10) at Grand Street Community Arts (Grand Street at Madison Avenue, Albany) was a standing-room-only success. The point of the show was to create wearable works ...

Grand Street Community Arts

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 19, 2011


Ignore the backdrop: An example of the work of designer Joleen Button, which will be featured in the Electric City Couture Fashion Show.   FASHION AS ART  As part of the celebration of Art Night in Schenectady’s ...

GE Theatre at Proctors