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Katha Pollitt

by The Staff January 29, 2015


  The New York State Writers Institute will begin its spring visiting writers series tonight (Thursday) with longtime Nation columnist and author Katha Pollitt. Descibed as “an influential voice of American feminism,” Pollitt will read from ...

University at Albany Campus Center


by David King November 13, 2014


  In October, a viral video of New York actress Shoshana Roberts walking down the street in the city for 10 hours was released. Roberts endured incessant comments and heckling from male passerby, ranging from “Smile!” ...


Dads, Daughters and Dating

by Miriam Axel-Lute June 6, 2013


  I was in my local Stewart’s a few years ago when I heard a guy, in the hearing of his teenage daughter, telling someone else that his daughter “wasn’t allowed to date until she’s 30.” ...

Helen Reddy

by The Staff March 20, 2013


  One of the iconic pop artists of the 1970s is on tour for the first time in more than a decade, and she’s coming to Troy tonight. Aussie-born Helen Reddy is probably most widely known ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Truth Values: One Woman’s Romp . . .

by The Staff February 1, 2012


Women are less represented than men in the sciences because of innate gender differences. Or so said Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard University, who eminently deserves whatever scathing wit is thrown his way in Truth ...

University at Albany PAC Recital Hall

Lady Power

by Shawn Stone April 27, 2011


Potiche is French—slang? more than likely—for “trophy wife.” When we first meet Suzanne Pujol (Catherine Deneuve), she’s a bourgeois vision, a middle-age princess in a track suit jogging the splendid grounds of her palatial estate. ...