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Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen

by The Staff January 2, 2015


      This much-loved folk duo have been performing and recording together for more than 25 years—and they’re still married, too. Steve Gillette’s songs have been getting noticed for almost 50 years; his tunes have been recorded ...

Caffe Lena

Old Songs Festival

by The Staff June 28, 2013


  It is time again for the annual Old Songs Festival. This year the event features an army of fiddle, banjo, guitar, and flute -wielding folk performers including world renowned Hanneke Cassel (pictured), the National Scottish ...

Altamont Fairgrounds

Judy Collins

by The Staff December 7, 2011


It’s been a busy 2011 for Judy Collins. Her candid, well-reviewed memoir Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: My Life in Music is a hit, and she released a lovely new album, Bohemian, which, she told MSM ...

The Egg

Indigo Girls

by The Staff October 19, 2011


Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, the duo better known as the Indigo Girls, have endured. Their friendship has endured since elementary school, and their musical partnership has thrived through a dozen albums of original music ...

The Egg

Bon Iver

by Raurri Jennings August 10, 2011

"Stay dry out there,” quipped Bon Iver’s humble mastermind, Justin Vernon, as rain dripped on the crowd surrounding the stage at Mountain Park. “Or don’t. It’s your choice.” Backed by a nine-piece band including trombones, violins, ...

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

by Glenn Weiser May 25, 2011

Caffe Lena wasn’t Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s first rodeo, that’s for sure. Long before he debuted at the storied folk establishment in 1963, Elliot Charles Adnopoz, the Brooklyn-born son of a Jewish doctor, ran away from ...

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