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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2014

  FUN WITH SCIENCE  The annual Science Festival, which kicks off this evening (Thursday, Nov. 6) and continues through Sunday (Nov. 9) at Schenectady’s miSci (aka The Museum of Innovation and Science) continues to grow in ...

Inflatable Frankenstein

by The Staff March 20, 2013


  The Brooklyn-based performance collective Radiohole, who describe their ethic as being based on “collaboration and play,” will bring their Inflatable Frankenstein to EMPAC on Friday evening. What is Inflatable Frankenstein? A performance “filled with whimsical creature ...


Making Frankenstein Sing

by Ann Morrow September 8, 2011


“I was taken in by the powerful music. I love the intensity of emotion that comes with the music; the signature song, ‘The Coming of the Dawn,’ is very beautiful.” Stage director Tim Orcutt is ...

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