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It’s a Job

by The Staff June 6, 2013


At the Pool In high school, I spent my summers sitting in a tall white chair, getting tanned and fighting my eyelids from shutting, while getting paid above minimum wage. Lifeguarding was my first, and easiest, ...

Charlie Chaplin Film Festival

by The Staff May 12, 2011


Biggest movie star ever? That’s easy. Charlie Chaplin. He was wildly popular everywhere; he made one smash hit after another for 35 years before he had a flop; all of his films are still widely ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Stephen Lynch

by The Staff May 4, 2011


Lots of guys tell jokes. Lots of guys make up songs. But not that many guys have truly mastered the hybridization of stand-up comedy and music. Stephen Lynch has. He’s been playing at funny songs since ...

The Egg