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GE Theatre

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone June 5, 2014


REDRUM REDRUM  Tonight (Thursday, June 5), a presentation by game developer and film blogger Kevin McLeod (mstrmnd) will address these questions posed by the good folks at Basilica Hudson: “Is The Shining much more than ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 1, 2013


  TULIP TIME, ALMOST  Though I know you’re excited, Tulip Fest is a week away. Still, it seems worthwhile to make sure a new addition to Tulip Fest is brought to your attention now. And it ...

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by The Staff February 2, 2011


Since the ’80s, pop-jazz singer Suede has garnered comparisons to Bette Midler, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall, but none of those divas ever stepped back from the mic, nodded to her band, and then blew ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Joanna Smith

by The Staff January 12, 2011


It’s one of the great traditions in country music: The singer-songwriter who first comes to prominence when other artists perform their songs. That’s what happened to Joanna Smith when two of her tunes were recorded ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Dead Cat Bounce

by The Staff January 12, 2011

“Dead cat bounce” is Wall Street speak for when a declining stock rebounds momentarily on its course toward oblivion. It’s actually a fairly optomistic notion in these bleak, recessionary times. Reminds you of the blues, ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

The Tartan Terrors

by The Staff January 5, 2011


They’re all young and smiling. They’re all wearing kilts or skirts. And they all look like they can kick ass—serious ass. The indefatigable Eighth Step series begins an impressive 43rd season this weekend, including this performance ...

GE Theatre at Proctors