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General Electric

Leaving the Job Unfinished?

by Ann Morrow October 1, 2015


  General Electric is at the finish line of its sixth and final season of dredging the upper Hudson River for PCPs—and some river community residents are stating that the job isn’t done. About 200 miles ...


GE Kids Day

by The Staff July 10, 2014


  GE Kids Day is always one of the Empire State Plaza’s family-friendly highlights. There will be food vendors, bounce rides, pony rides, face painting, a Hannaford Ice Cream Challenge—and more. In other words, it’s a ...

Empire State Plaza

Egyptian for a Day

by The Staff October 17, 2013


  For decades, the Albany Institute of History & Art has brought a bit of Egypt to Albany with its mummy exhibit. The museum’s upcoming family program, Egyptian for a Day, features a day full of ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

It Lives!

by Ann Morrow September 26, 2013


  Ankhefenmut is on the loose. The 3,000-year-old mummy, once a priest and sculptor at the Temple of Mut, has apparently escaped from the Ancient Egyptian gallery at the Albany Institute of History & Art. And ...

Dredge Report

by Erin Pihlaja May 1, 2013


  “I grew up in Greene County,” said Judith Enck. “I went to a high school that was right on the banks of the river. I remember being a teenager and going waterskiing, and the goal ...

GE Kids Day at the Plaza

by The Staff July 5, 2012


Our good pals at General Electric are again sponsoring Kids Day at the Empire State Plaza. Headlining will be popular greeting-card mainstays and children’s favorites the Care Bears. The CBs have just returned to TV, ...

Empire State Plaza