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George Washington

Taking the Waters

by Ann Morrow August 6, 2015


  Several years before Gideon Putnam was even born, an ailing French soldier from Fort Carillon was carried by litter by Native Americans to a sacred spring they called Serachtague, “place of swift waters”—later anglicized to ...


Gorgeous George

by Ann Morrow February 16, 2012


He was, in his day, bigger than Madonna or Gaga, bigger than the Beatles or Beiber fever, bigger than all the crowned heads of Europe put together (c’mon, how many people could pick King Louis ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

First in the Hearts of His Countrymen

by The Staff August 25, 2011


After leading a revolutionary army to victory, he retired to a farm. When his country’s first system of government failed, he could have heeded calls to become king; he settled for two terms as an ...

Albany Institute of History & Art