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Honest Weight Food Co-op

Empire State of Cheese

by Ali Hibbs September 18, 2014


  “A lot of people aren’t even aware of how many world-class producers we have right here, within a 100-mile radius of where we’re sitting,” says Jonathan Milks, Honest Weight Food Co-op’s newest cheesemonger, at a ...

A Natural Progression

by Molly Eadie September 18, 2013


  Not to be outdone by the supermarket wars surrounding it, the Honest Weight Food Co-Op experienced its own growth spurt this summer when it moved out of its somewhat cramped location on Central Avenue and ...

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Voting With Their Stomachs

by Amy Halloran May 30, 2013

  Given the financial might of Monsanto and other companies that genetically engineer seeds, and the fact that the head of the USDA was a strong advocate for the company when he was governor of Iowa, ...

Local Harvest Festival

by The Staff September 28, 2011


It’s harvest time, and Honest Weight Food Co-op is once again celebrating the bountiful cornucopia of Capital Region foods with its third annual Local Harvest Festival. The festivities feature an all-day local foods marketplace offering an ...

Washington Park Lakehouse

Invest Local

by Miriam Axel-Lute May 11, 2011

I recently got to hear Robert Eggers, the blunt, energetic founder of the DC Central Kitchen. He likes to talk about the power of the non-wealthy’s collective economic decisions: Bus riders’ pennies in Montgomery, average ...