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Buggy on a Budget

by Ann Morrow July 11, 2012


One of the extras is trying to escape. Legs pumping furiously, racing down the carpeted hallway of the film set, swerving as the director approaches with his hands menacingly outstretched . . . then another ...

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Hack Work

by Ann Morrow May 2, 2012


A tale more grotesque than arabesque, The Raven replaces Edgar Allan Poe’s “opulent imagination” with a standard-issue horror story. Though it stars Poe himself (John Cusack), the plot is merely an excuse to fill in ...

Operating Theater

by Laura Leon November 22, 2011


Always outrageous but usually entertaining and smart, filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar stumbles badly with his latest, The Skin I Live In. It’s not just that the plot points glorify in inhumanity and grotesqueries, but that the ...