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Hot Yoga

A Kind of Blasphemy

by Jo Page April 4, 2013

  On a recent cover of Yoga Journal I am promised many things: eight building blocks for practicing at home, six best foods to fuel my body, five poses to bring me into deep relaxation and ...

Hot for a Cause

by Erin Pihlaja March 6, 2013


  Alana Sparrow stood on one leg in front of the mirror of a yoga studio in Latham, arms wrapped around one another and raised in front of her face. Sweat poured off her body; her ...

Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts

by The Staff January 19, 2011


747 Madison Ave., Albany, 512-3390, heartspacealbany.com A community-oriented yoga center that celebrates and seeks to foster good health, kindness, warm fellowship and creativity. We seek to provide a tranquil setting with excellent instruction, helping to build ...