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by The Staff October 31, 2013

Eriko Tanaka ("Melody")

  EMPAC’s special Halloween treat for us is tonight’s (Thursday) screening of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s psychedelic 1970s horror film House. The titular structure is host to a group of schoolgirls on vacation; unkindly, various objects in said structure ...


The House That I Live In

by Jo Page January 25, 2012

  I’m always house-hunting. I don’t remember the exact number, but I’ve lived at more than thirty different addresses, including an apartment on York Street in Denver whose address was 1234. Our phone number was 0123. Locations ...

Four Tet, Jon Hopkins

by Ali Hibbs September 22, 2011


The exhortation that “drum machines have no soul” normally comes off the lips of weathered traditionalists and rock purists (oxymoron?) with a shake of the head and wave of the hand when confronted with a ...