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Riverside Revival

by Ann Morrow June 25, 2015


  It’s not unusual for abandoned but well-designed old structures to settle into a decayed beauty, and an appreciation for weathering and other marks of the march of time has become a design statement that embraces ...

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Basilica SoundScape

by The Staff September 11, 2014


  One could argue (as we might) that the summer festival season is really just warmup for the big regional fall fest—Basilica SoundScape. For the third straight year, Basilica Hudson has curated one of the most ...

Basilica Hudson


by The Staff August 21, 2014


  The medium is the message in Playful, an exhibit now on view at Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson. Phyllis Palmer will be showing her fresco-secco paintings on plaster, which are “reminiscent of the still visible frescos ...

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

by The Staff August 8, 2014


  “Michael Lindsay-Hogg,” you’re probably thinking, “I know that name from somewhere.” Indeed you do. Lindsay-Hogg, the son of a titled Englishman and golden-age-era Hollywood actress Geraldine Fitzgerald, is a film director, painter, author, all-around raconteur—and he’s ...

Basilica Hudson

A Nod to the Past

by The Staff July 17, 2014


  The new show at the Carrie Haddad Gallery, A Nod to the Past, will feature paintings by Mark Beard, Bruce Murphy and James O’Shea, and photographs by David Halliday. The “nod” takes different forms with each ...

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Fully Able

by James Yeara October 17, 2013


  In the darkness, the sound of waves splashing in a lake is heard, followed soon by the call of a loon. The lights then come up on a ratty-looking bathtub downstage center, a black mechanical ...

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The Local Side of Global

by Michael Bielawski October 17, 2013


    “Etsy pretty much started my business,” says Behida Millinery, owner Behida Millinery’s Hat Shop at 715 Warren St. in Hudson. “Not only did they help financially, but also confidence-wise. . . . They did a ...

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Just Add Curiosity

by E.S. Cormac October 17, 2013


  If you wander in to John Doe Records and Books, whatever you do don’t say the word hipster. “I don’t care one way or the other. It’s just that word, ohhhh God, it’s too much,” ...

Summer Exhibit

by The Staff July 10, 2013


  Carrie Haddad is offering up a holiday treat in the form of the Summer Exhibit, which opens today (Thursday) at her gallery in Hudson. Featured artists include Hudson Valley abstract painter Leigh Palmer; Shelly Lependorf ...

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Another Nine Lives

by Erin Pihlaja December 14, 2012


  It happened gradually that I became the cat lady,” says Katrin Hecker. “It was never a life goal, but the cats took over.” Hecker is the founder of Animalkind, a Hudson-based nonprofit dedicated to helping ...

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Julie Evans

by The Staff November 8, 2012

  We love abstract art. We love the emotional impact of colors and shapes; we love the sense of direct communication that transcends the familiar. So, naturally, we’re drawn to the exhibit of new abstract work ...

John Davis Gallery

A Tale of Two Cities

by Ann Morrow October 4, 2012


  The two of them created the Two of Us Productions so they could perform together. Stephen Sanborn is a director and musician, and his wife, Constance Lopez, is an actress and choreographer. Married in 1997, ...

Hudson High School

Winter Eclectic

by The Staff December 14, 2011


Jenny Nelson’s icy abstractions aside, the “Winter” in the title of the latest exhibition from Carrie Haddad Gallery, refers simply to the season of its showing. The title’s latter descriptor, “eclectic” more aptly describes the ...

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Sui Generis

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 13, 2011


Sitting hunched over his resonator guitar in front of the fiction section at the Spotty Dog Books and Ale in downtown Hudson, a man introduces himself as Evan. The 20 or so audience members give ...

Riverside Renaissance

by Ali Hibbs October 13, 2011


Will Oldham leans against the sliding wood doors of a 19th-century Hudson Valley factory as if posing for the cover of his next Bonnie “Prince” Billy record. A gathering of bystanders overflows from the building’s ...


Are We Having Art Yet?

by The Staff October 13, 2011


Eschewing gags and narrative for literary nonsense, cultural commentary and symbolic psychoanalysis, Zippy the Pinhead doesn’t exactly fit in on the daily comic pages, and yet there he is, day after day, grown from his ...


La Wilson

by The Staff September 15, 2011


The John Davis Gallery will host the 13th show of La Wilson’s work that John Davis has curated—at various locations and in his Hudson gallery—since 1983. The Ohio-based sculptor has built an international reputation for ...

John Davis Gallery

Hudson Music Fest

by The Staff August 10, 2011


Last week, The New York Times ran an article exploring the “Brooklynization of the Hudson Valley,” largely focusing on the cultural evolution of our 518 neighbor Hudson. No doubt, this has been one of the ...

Film Socialisme

by The Staff June 22, 2011


To many cinephiles, it’s a better world just because filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard is still in it. To others, the 79-year-old Godard is a pain in the ass. The French New Wave stalwart’s latest, Film Socialisme, ...

Time and Space Limited

Play By Play: Shadows

by The Staff June 22, 2011

Each year, Stageworks/Hudson presents Play by Play, a festival of eight new one-act plays, all performed by a cast of four actors and directed by two directors. It’s an ambitious undertaking that they have realized ...


Vladimir Pleshakov and Elena Winther

by The Staff June 2, 2011

Recently, the Albany Symphony Orchestra presented a wonderful program of music in Troy, and then traveled to New York City, in triumph, to repeat the performance at Carnegie Hall. This weekend, two other local classical ...

Hudson Valley Arts Center

Slow Fade

by The Staff April 27, 2011


Filmmaker Wesley Hardin is 71 and hard at work on a last-stand western when the studio pulls the plug. With his illusions dashed, Hardin takes to the road, chronicling his own life as he confronts ...

Basilica Hudson

20th Anniversary Exhibit

by The Staff April 20, 2011


In May 1991, Carrie Haddad hung the first show at Warren Street Gallery, an impromptu venture to showcase the work of local artists. In the 20 years since, the experiment has blossomed into a full-time ...

Museums & Galleries

by The Staff March 9, 2011


Peter Liepke: Cityscapes “In a world far from perfect,” says Peter Liepke, “I am more interested in the aspect of showing the viewer what could be, or the visual way in which I see the world ...

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Johnny Society, The Mommyheads

by The Staff January 5, 2011

Geffen Records signed a lot of bands in the mid-1990s—like a whole lot—a great many of which were never heard from again, if even in the first place. Kenny Siegal and Brian Geltner started their ...

Club Helsinki