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No Blarney

by James Yeara October 2, 2014


  Two wooden chairs flank one wooden table, and a wooden podium stands downstage right. The curved two-story projection screen runs the 40-plus feet wide upstage, a soft green light cast from the top of the ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

A Couple of Blaguards

by The Staff September 25, 2014


  Frank (Angela’s Ashes) McCourt and brother Malachy (A Monk Swimming) McCourt’s comedy-drama will come to life at the GE Theatre at Proctors this week in the form of this autobiographical account of their years growing ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

A Matter of Faith

by Laura Leon December 5, 2013


  Playing the decidedly dowdy title character, an old Irish lady, Judi Dench reminds us that she can do much more than what has become her standard, stereotypical commanding role, whether it is an English queen ...