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James Franco

Wake It Shake It Sony Sony

by Paul Rapp December 24, 2014

  This Sony hack thing is one profoundly smelly continuously exploding canister of weird. And it will just keep getting weirder. I mean, as I’m writing this (Tuesday afternoon), Sony suddenly decides that The Interview will ...

The Action Man

by Shawn Stone December 5, 2013


  Since this is a Jason Statham movie, Homefront begins with gunfire, a high-speed chase, a series of outrageous explosions and—of course—hand-to-hand combat. Broker (Statham, steady as ever) is an undercover DEA agent (with terrible hair) ...

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Sex Negative

by Shawn Stone August 15, 2013


  It’s hard to imagine now, when a wide variety of sexual activity is available for your perusal just a few clicks away on the Internet, but watching porn used to be difficult. Most folks had ...

A Model Sociopath

by Shawn Stone May 23, 2013


  Michael Shannon is both chilling and sympathetic in this based-on-a-true-story crime drama about a hitman with a normal family life. Richard Kuklinski (Shannon) does his day’s work—shooting, poisoning, stabbing, and then dismembering the resulting corpses—and ...

Unicorn Gangster Sex Candy

by Shawn Stone March 28, 2013


  “Sperrring brayke . . . spering brayke for-evah!” Drawling these incantory lines with a Southern accent that’s as thick and baroque as any this side of Matthew McConaughey’s, James Franco neatly sums up the meaning of ...

Still Feels Like Kansas

by Shawn Stone March 13, 2013


  It could have been worse. But it’s still pretty bad. This fantasy epic is riddled with problems: James Franco is a terrible Wizard of Oz; the film plods along to an extent that it would have ...

Monkey Time

by Shawn Stone August 10, 2011


  Being so close, biologically, to Homo sapiens has been a mixed blessing for simians. Setting aside the fact that millions of us disavow any evolutionary connection to monkeys and apes, there’s a long, dishonorable tradition ...

Really Dark Ages

by John Rodat April 13, 2011

Finally. Finally, there is a flick for all of those moviegoers who would have enjoyed The Lord of the Rings if only it had been funnier. Oh, wait. What? That’s exactly no one? Oh . . ...

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