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Jane Fonda

Are We Related?

by Laura Leon September 25, 2014


  Based on the popular (or so I’m told) novel by screenwriter Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I Leave You is one of those movies whose preview has garnered a lot of buzz. I can’t tell ...

Break a Digital Sweat

by Erin Pihlaja January 17, 2013


The sound of helicopter blades thunder in your ears just before the voice of the pilot pipes into your headphones. She tries to get you to talk about your mission, and makes some vague observations ...

Blowing Smoke

by Laura Leon June 20, 2012


  One day this past weekend, my family went to a restaurant whose interior could well have been the design brainchild of the Grateful Dead, coming off their most powerful ’shrooms, and Stevie Nicks, OD-ing on ...