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Jason Bateman

Are We Related?

by Laura Leon September 25, 2014


  Based on the popular (or so I’m told) novel by screenwriter Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I Leave You is one of those movies whose preview has garnered a lot of buzz. I can’t tell ...

Grown Up Wrong

by Shawn Stone April 10, 2014


  Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman, who proves as talented a director as actor) behaves like he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself—and that may indeed be the case. He’s an 8th-grade dropout on the ...

Road to Ruin

by Laura Leon February 13, 2013


  If the sight of a fat woman masturbating with a Waterpik or being spanked mid-coitus by a beefy cowboy-boots-wearing salesman sounds like your idea of classic comedy, Identify Theft is the film for you. If, ...

Three Stooges

by Laura Leon July 14, 2011

Much like The Hangover and frat house-themed flicks like Old School, Horrible Bosses relies on a certain adolescent, inherently “guy” type of sensitivity to things like sex, successful women, sexually attractive women, and fear of ...