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Jean Sibelius

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

by The Staff November 6, 2013


  The Grammy Award-winning Estonian National Symphony Orchestra will come to Troy this Monday evening with a program of majestic works by Sibelius, Tchaikovsky and Estonia’s most acclaimed composer, Veljo Tormis. The Santa Barbara (Calif.) Independent praised ...

Sibelius and His World

by B.A. Nilsson August 25, 2011


  Bard College’s annual SummerScape festival presents an array of music and theater and other cultural events with the music end of things centered on a particular composer’s life and milieu. This year, Finnish composer Jean ...

Bard College Olin Hall

Bard Music Festival: Sibelius and His World

by The Staff August 10, 2011


This year’s Bard SummerScape theme has been Sibelius and His World, and we’ve been treated to dance, operetta, film, theater and cabaret presentations related to and/or evocative of the early 20th-century world of Jean Sibelius ...

Bard College Olin Hall