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Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels with the Ben Daniels Band

by The Staff January 8, 2015


  Jeff Daniels may have won an Emmy for his role on The Newsroom, but he won’t be playing a role when he takes the stage at the Iron Horse: The versatile actor will be playing ...

Iron Horse Music Hall

Days of Future Past

by Ann Morrow October 3, 2012


  “Time travel doesn’t exist, but 30 years in the future, it will,” says Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a hit man from the future, where such enforcers are called “loopers.” Joe is explaining his appearance on a ...

Urban Fairy Tales

by Shawn Stone July 27, 2011


Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild is an adventurous romance that’s funny and dark, energizing and violent. It begins and ends in a multicultural New York City where identities and sexuality are fluid, a rainbow of groups ...