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Jessica Chastain


by Ann Morrow September 7, 2012


Scene  14pt
Rakes toys with Forrest

  During Prohibition, Franklin County, Virginia, was known as “the wettest county in the world,” an observation made by the journalist Sherwood Anderson. And in Franklin County were some of the most talented and ferocious bootleggers ...

Artist, Servant, Fighter, Spy . . .

by The Staff February 23, 2012


Once again we present you with short essays about Oscar nominees we love (and, at the end, a few we don’t agree with.) While we may disagree about various nominated films and performances—check out our ...

Doomed Prophet

by Laura Leon December 14, 2011


My youngest child loves to pepper me with questions about everything from the old days, of which I apparently am an expert. Lately, this includes Bible stories. He is particularly fascinated by the plagues that ...

From a Distance

by John Rodat June 29, 2011


Director Terrence Malick is hardly a prolific filmmaker: just six movies completed over four decades (the last of those yet to hit theaters). But his release-to-“masterpiece” ratio is one of the best in the biz. Since ...