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Jon Russell Cring

Inspiration Week Film Festival

by The Staff August 15, 2013


  It’s been described as “Jaws in your home.” Pulse, a little-known classic of 1980s sci-fi, concerns a sentient electrical current that stalks and kills, and it’s being shown at Inspiration Week Film Fest at the ...

Palace Theatre

A Native (Albany) New Yorker

by Ann Morrow July 18, 2013


  Actor Theodore Bouloukos is every inch a New Yorker: erudite, meticulously cultured, and almost famous within an avant-garde career. So quintessentially Manhattan is this sharp-dressed man that he was profiled in New York magazine for ...

Hollywood in Pine Hills

by Ann Morrow October 25, 2012


  “It gets under your skin.” That’s the tag line for Creeping Crawling, a regionally made horror film about insects interacting with humans (“Buggy On a Budget,” July 12). As the tag implies, this three-part anthology ...

Buggy on a Budget

by Ann Morrow July 11, 2012


One of the extras is trying to escape. Legs pumping furiously, racing down the carpeted hallway of the film set, swerving as the director approaches with his hands menacingly outstretched . . . then another ...

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