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Jude Law

Live and Let Laugh

by Shawn Stone June 25, 2015

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) ist eine ganz besondere Agentin. Foto: 2015 Twentieth Century Fox

  The latest Melissa McCarthy comedy is a shrewd, funny send-up of spy films, complete with a Bond-style theme song, a smashing opening set piece and enough world travel to give Daniel Craig jet lag. McCarthy ...

Hard to Like

by Shawn Stone April 24, 2014


  Jude Law is very entertaining as the ex-con and safecracker Dom Hemingway. He’s thoroughly believable as he brings out the various facets of the character: desperate convict, jealous ex-con, deliriously happy free man, coke-snorting lunatic, ...

A Wonderful Contraption

by John Rodat March 27, 2014

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - 2014 FILM STILL - Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

  I’m not sure which group should be most eager to see Wes Anderson’s newest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel: his fans or his passionate detractors. Those who have enjoyed Anderson’s work thus far will find ...


by The Staff January 30, 2014


  Nobody does body horror like David Cronenberg. Remember poor Samantha Eggar as the woman with the external uterus in The Brood? How about the hallucinatory broadcasts of torture and murder in Videodrome? Once seen, they ...



by Ann Morrow February 13, 2013


  Malingering comes into play in Steven Soderbergh’s latest—and reportedly last—major motion picture. Medical jargon for faking illness or disability for financial or other gain, it is perhaps appropriate, since Soderbergh has not been a major ...

Snow Job

by Ann Morrow December 6, 2012


  Toward the end of his life, Leo Tolstoy turned away from artifice, including the fiction of his own novels. It stands to reason, then, that he would find the latest adaptation of Anna Kareninaespecially disappointing. ...


by Laura Leon December 21, 2011


Watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it’s almost impossible to imagine that this sequel is only two years out from its first installment, so weary is its attitude and tone. One might think that ...