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kevin spacey


by Laura Leon November 3, 2011


A movie about a worldwide investment firm imploding from engaging for years in what turns out not to have been a wise course of fiscal prudence might seem like giving crack to an addict, especially ...

Three Stooges

by Laura Leon July 14, 2011

Much like The Hangover and frat house-themed flicks like Old School, Horrible Bosses relies on a certain adolescent, inherently “guy” type of sensitivity to things like sex, successful women, sexually attractive women, and fear of ...

How I leaned to Stop Worrying and Hate Kevin Spacey

by John Rodat January 26, 2011


The late George Hickenlooper’s dramatization of the fall of “superlobbyist” Jack Abramoff gets off on the wrong foot—and stays there. It’s not so much bad as it is thoroughly irritating. How else can you describe ...