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New York Theatre Ballet

by The Staff March 6, 2014


  New York Theatre Ballet will return to the Egg this weekend to present their kid-friendly production of Cinderella. It has everything kids love about the fairy tale: wicked stepsisters, a fairy godmother, a handsome prince ...

The Egg

“Smart” Kids and Hard Tests

by Miriam Axel-Lute November 6, 2013


  A couple of weeks ago now, I attended the forum on the Common Core standards in Albany with Commissioner King. The parents and teachers and board members and principals who spoke were as a rule eloquent. ...

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Egyptian for a Day

by The Staff October 17, 2013


  For decades, the Albany Institute of History & Art has brought a bit of Egypt to Albany with its mummy exhibit. The museum’s upcoming family program, Egyptian for a Day, features a day full of ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Who Gets to Play?

by Miriam Axel-Lute October 10, 2013


  My 2nd grader wants to do everything (Soccer! Gymnastics! 4H! Garden club! Karate! Running club! Contradance!). The only reason an instrument isn’t on her list is because she wants to learn flute and she’s too ...

Please, Talk to Strangers

by Miriam Axel-Lute September 26, 2013

  On Wednesday morning I got forwarded the following alert: “Albany police are investigating a report of a male exposing himself on Delaware Avenue. Staff from Myers Middle School notified police that on Tuesday September 24, 2013 ...


by The Staff June 28, 2013


  We admit that there are fantastic creatures other than dinosaurs that children are enamored of—unicorns, winged ponies, Smurfs—but besides being an endless object of wonder, dinosaurs have the additional educational value of having actually existed. ...



by The Staff June 26, 2013


  Shannon Plumb, an artist and experimental filmmaker, had been making three-minute comedy shorts for years before she and her husband, filmmaker Derek Cianfrance, had children. And then everything changed. As Plumb remembered in Filmmaker magazine, “When ...

Basilica Hudson

Baby Animal Days

by The Staff May 2, 2013


  Spring is here, and, as you can see outside your window, life begins again. That means it’s time for all our furry friends to start the cycle of life all over again. You can share ...

Indian Ladder Farms

AIHA Holiday Gift Fair

by The Staff November 20, 2012

  Old timers will remember the Albany Institute of History & Art’s annual Festival of Trees, an event which was magical, wonderful and—thanks to size of the crowds—often just a little bit insane. The festival was ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Lions and Tigers and Museums, Oh My!

by The Staff November 15, 2012


  The Clark Art Institute is opening its new Kidspace exhibit this weekend, and it’s a doozy. Lions and Tigers and Museums, Oh My! explores the various ways humans interact with animals. The exhibit includes a ...

Clark Art Institute

Holiday Vacation Daze

by The Staff December 21, 2011


Merry merry, parents! The schools are closed and your children are going to be lounging around the house all week. If you’re looking for something worthwhile to get them out of the house, let us ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Keller Williams

by The Staff October 6, 2011


In a certain way, Keller Williams has always been a children’s musician. The acoustic guitar magician and quirky one-man live-looping band has been the ringmaster of his own traveling circus for the past 20 years, ...

The Egg

The Kids Are Alright

by Shawn Stone June 15, 2011


The big set piece of J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 is a spectacular train wreck. It happens in the dead of night: A pickup truck stalls on the tracks, and the train’s locomotive explodes. Boxcars fly ...

Art on Lark

by The Staff June 8, 2011


This year, the title of Albany’s (nay, upstate New York’s) second largest street festival is being taken literally. In its 15th year, Art on Lark has added a number of large-scale arts happenings to its usual ...

Lark Street

Camp: Visiting Day

by The Staff June 8, 2011


The experience of summer camp—real summer camp, the “sleepaway” kind—is, per the gallery notes on this exhibit opening at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, “a condensed stew of character-shaping separation anxiety and identity formation.” If ...

Center for Photography at Woodstock

Mommy Manners

by Miriam Axel-Lute February 2, 2011

‘How about you ask nicely?” If you’re a parent of kids of certain age, I’m sure you’ve said something like that in the past 24 (12? 2?) hours. Asking nicely has three components in ...

Youth FX Film Screening

by The Staff February 2, 2011

Now entering it’s fourth year, the Grand Street Community Arts Youth FX intensive summer filmmaking program trains teens in the artistic and technical craft of digital filmmaking, guiding the students from script to screen. The mission ...

Madison Theater