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Kirsten Dunst

Best of 2011: Cinema

by The Staff January 5, 2012


Critic: Shawn Stone Best of 2011 1. Melancholia A lost soul (Kirsten Dunst, wonderful) is fulfilled by doom in Lars von Trier’s lovely—and often very funny—vision of a personal and/or global apocalypse. 2. Contagion Steven Soderbergh deftly evoked the horror ...

I Feel Fine

by Shawn Stone December 7, 2011


More than a couple of critics have reported walking out at the end of Melancholia feeling energized, elated, even ecstatic. This would seem peculiar, if only because it’s a film about the end of the ...

Urban Fairy Tales

by Shawn Stone July 27, 2011


Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild is an adventurous romance that’s funny and dark, energizing and violent. It begins and ends in a multicultural New York City where identities and sexuality are fluid, a rainbow of groups ...