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Kristen Wiig

Dream Small

by John Rodat January 2, 2014


  I’m not certain to whom The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is meant most to appeal: James Thurber fans? That seems unlikely. Ben Stiller followers? I don’t think that’s a category unto itself. Arcade Fire ...

Softer Heart Still Shines

by Laura Leon July 10, 2013


  Pulling off a sequel to Despicable Me, in which the evil genius Gru (Steve Carell) steals the moon from the sky before succumbing to the sweetness of the three little girls he adopts, is a ...

Genre Crashers

by John Rodat May 19, 2011


First things first: Yes, chicks are funny. Are we all together on that? It’s ridiculous to have to point out, but sadly, it’s an issue that as a business matter—at least, within Hollywood—is still unsettled. Even ...