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Lady Gaga

The Celebrity Report: Haiku

by John Rodat November 13, 2013


  His kimono flows. David Bowie loves ping pong. Iman won’t play him.   The chips and snacks aisle: A roadie buys Funyons. Lady Gaga smiles.   No, Donald Glover is not the child of Danny. Nor Corey’s either.   Tom Hanks hates the mail. So many flyers for ...

The Major Lift

by David King June 15, 2011


It isn’t particularly important for a pop star to make sense—just to be catchy—but, unfortunately, on Born this Way from Interscope, Lady Gaga buries what makes her good at her job: catchy, dirty, grinding synth ...

The Major Lift

by Erik Hage January 14, 2010

As the mainstream record companies’ grip on music gatekeeping steadily loosens due to the egalitarian influence of the Internet and social media—as well as, well, taste—what’s most evident is that they have less of an ...